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Experience Gentle Yoga’s Anit-Aging Benefits

Gentle yoga provides older adults an easier, less strenuous way to practice yoga and can deliver a host of anti-aging benefits! Try out Gentle Yoga at The Sanctuary's free demonstration on Thursday, August 24.

Would you bend over backwards to find the secret to reverse aging? While a backbend may no longer be possible, simple bending—and stretching—may provide the anti-aging benefits you seek in the form of gentle yoga.  This less intense and less strenuous form of hatha yoga offers older adults an easier way to practice while still reaping yoga’s many benefits.

A gentle yoga certified instructor guides the class through modified hatha poses, while providing instruction on proper form and technique as well as lots of encouragement. It’s easier on the aging or injured body, because the stances are not as deep, the poses are simplified and the pace is slower. The focus is on stretching and breathing and not on strength and extreme flexibility.

Gentle yoga still offers a real workout with standing poses, forward bends and seated stretches. Like traditional yoga, practitioners tune into their bodies and focus on their breath. Spinal twists, leg lifts and chair poses get the blood and oxygen flowing to all parts of the body to deliver a host of anti-aging, feel-good benefits.

Six Reasons to Try Gentle Yoga

  1. Better balance – gentle yoga helps increase core strength, which can improve balance and reduce the risk of fall related injuries.
  2. Better posture – gentle yoga can strengthen the muscles that support your back and help you stand taller and straighter, which may help reduce back, shoulder and neck pain.
  3. Less stress – the meditative state experienced in gentle yoga produces a calming effect and can help you sleep better.
  4. More energy – movement and breathing get your blood flowing to oxygenate the body, providing an energy boost.
  5. More grey matter – meditative movement and deep breathing keeps your brain synopsis firing and your mind sharp.
  6. Happier outlook – enjoy a sense of community with classmates and meet new friends, who are also focused on health and fitness.

Keep in mind that these benefits do not come overnight but result from the regular, ongoing practice of gentle yoga. Aim for three days a week, and see how soon you start to look and feel younger.

Sanctuary’s Complimentary Gentle Yoga Class

Try out gentle yoga at The Sanctuary of West St. Paul’s upcoming free stress-busting event.

Movement and Music Experience
Thursday, August 24, 6:30-8:30pm
Certified gentle yoga instructor Julie Heath will lead the class through a variety of modified yoga poses suitable for all levels to promote strength, flexibility and relaxation.

Register for this free event by contacting Lifestyle Specialist Elizabeth Dahlen at 855-806-0533 or EDahleen@thesanctuaryweststpaul.com.

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