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Getting Personal is the Heart of The Sanctuary’s Memory Care Program

Each person is unique and deserving of enjoying an engaged and purposeful life despite whatever memory care challenges he or she faces.

The Sanctuary at West St. Paul’s team of memory care partners is specially trained to deliver a progressive and forward-thinking approach to reignite the spark inside to help engage those with memory care impairment and empower them to be the best they can be.

Getting to Really Know You

Finding out what makes each resident tick or “light up” is the first step toward creating comfort, purpose and independence. From childhood to elderhood, care partners talk to residents, family and friends to get to know each resident’s life story and unique personality. This helps care partners understand and respect each resident as an individual and is key to providing the highly personalized care needed for each one to achieve his or her true potential.

  • Respecting daily routines helps establish comfort, dignity, purpose and independence. It is important to know the timing of things—what time does a resident wake up, prefer to eat breakfast and like to shower? Mirroring routines whenever possible can provide a sense of independence and security.


  • Learning preferences helps create programming and opportunities that can be familiar, yet stimulating and engaging in a new way. A resident who enjoyed singing in her church choir could potentially find purpose and joy in participating in a daily sing-a-long.


  • Vocational programming helps residents connect through work and volunteer histories. A resident who cooked for her family all her life may find meaning and purpose in preparing meals in the kitchen or a former electrician can have guided programs with a maintenance team member to replace light bulbs or other tasks.

Being a Supportive Partner

The Sanctuary’s memory care team undergoes specialty training to communicate and interact successfully with those with dementia and to serve as less of a caregiver and more as a supportive partner.

They understand that there is always a personal and meaningful reason behind anything a person with dementia might say or do, no matter how strange it might seem. In addition to physical needs, the team addresses each resident’s core emotional needs

Sparking New Possibilities  

Sanctuary memory care supportive partners strive to ignite other’s spirits by focusing on the social, emotional and spiritual well-being of each resident. This focus aims to reverse the symptoms of dementia through a process called rementia.

“It is amazing to see rementia happen by creating an environment of focused attention of unconditional love and belief in a person’s abilities,” says Maria Young, The Sanctuary’s Director of Memory Care. “This allows for the reigniting of a person’s spirit and restoration of dormant abilities. A person may speak after not speaking for a year or engage in full conversation after only using words and gestures. The ‘spark’ is reignited.”

To learn more about The Sanctuary’s Memory Care program, please e-mail Memory Care Director Maria Young at MYoung@thesanctuaryweststpaul.com or call 651-538-1922.

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